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Suren is a great flutist and an excellent teacher. He is very friendly, very kind and he does his job very professionally! I will recommend him to any of my friends who want their child to learn from the best!

Wenchao Shao  6 Jul 2022

Rare to find professional music studio with utmost attention to detail to the student. Studying with Suren for over four years was a pleasure for our children, as he guided them towards RCM Level 9. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a pro music teacher who actually cares about your kids and their musical progress. 🎶

Armen Matosyan 19 Jun 2022

I am 18 years old and I started learning to play the saxophone with Suren and in just 7 months I was able to reach the level where I can practice all by myself. I really enjoyed studying at Keys & Pipes Music Studio, teacher Suren is really one of the best teachers I have ever met. I was very sorry to leave this music school, because of my moving to another city, and if not for that move, I would definitely have stayed to study in this studio!

Nikita Dain  19 Jun 2022

Great learning environment! My daughter started learning the flute here around 5 years ago. She has participated in multiple music festivals and exams since then. Most recently, she took the Gr 7 flute RCM exam and achieved a high mark. We are very happy with the progress she has made thanks to her teacher Suren!

Tao Lu 09 Sep 2021

I started flute lessons with Suren when I was in grade 10. Suren had been an excellent teacher and a good friend. He is a true professional when it comes to flute. He not only taught me how to play, but how to play well. He understands everyone plays the flute differently and guided me to find the best embouchure for my lip shape.

Joye Fang 20 Jun 2019

My daughter, Erin, played the clarinet in her school band for a couple of years at a basic level, but wanted to improve her skills in order to be able to participate in an audition for Earl Haig’s Claude Watson music program. We needed to find a clarinet specialist for Erin who could quickly help her to attain the required level, based on the level 6 RCM curriculum, and luckily we found Suren through the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association website. She practiced with Suren for 3 months, and we were extremely pleased, and surprised, to receive an acceptance letter from the school. Thank you, Suren, for your great help.

Danielle Lee 1 Sep 2018


Betty Wang   December 17, 2017

Dear Lilit. When our daughter, Ava, came to you, she was only four years old. It is you who opened the door of music to her with your endless patience and constant encouragement. You make learning piano fun and interesting for children. Also, you give the kids a sense of accomplishment and build up their confidence. Ava likes your passionate and friendly teaching so much that she is eager to come to your lessons every single time.  And we, as parents, feel so happy to notice a great deal of improvement in her playing.  Also, we feel so lucky that our daughter got to meet you while learning music. Thank you for what you have done for her, and for what you will continue to offer her.

Ava's Mom 21 Aug 2017

My son Charles has been learning Clarinet from Suren Amirkhanyan for almost three years. He started from a beginner with zero music experience and knowledge. However, since he started learning Clarinet, he improved lot and fast. About one year later when Charles was in Grade7, he was accepted to join the school band Grade 8. Now he is in Grade 8 and has done many festivals with the band team and also lead a small group of band at school. Yesterday, Charles did audition for Mississauga Symphony Youth Corchestra and he has already got in on site. One of the conductor team said to me: "Charles did fantastic job, unbelievable that he only has learned three years and you should be proud of him. I will see you in the fall." I should say thanks to Suren Amrikhanyan, who has done mircle to my son. It was Suren's professional teaching and encouragement that led Charles from zero to today's result. Suren brought him music konwledge as well as the fact that Charles enjoys music and the instruments. Learning music can be that interesting and fun for him. Thanks for all the efforts that Suren gave to my son.

Eunice Zhu 21 Jun 2017

Both of my daughters are enrolled at this amazing music studio. My younger daughter started piano about a year ago and loves it, and my older daughter started piano two years ago and is advancing quickly. The instructors are caring and great teachers. Overall, Keys and Pipes Music Studio is a great place to learn a musical instrument.

Beth Palyan 4 Jul 2016

Hey Suren. I'm emailing you to let you know that the playing exam went well yesterday. Thank you so much for all the effort and time you've given me over this past month. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. And that also goes for all the time we've spent together learning the saxophone. You're an inspiring teacher, who pushes his students to do their best, and I can't thank you enough for all the lessons you have taught me and the laughs you have given me.

Rheannah S 17 Jun 2016

Suren has taught my daughter for several years.  She started her Grade 1 flute lessons with him and she is now Grade 6.  During this time she has had several 1st place finishes with Peel and Kiwanis Music Festivals.  Before being taught by Suren, she had several other teachers however, she has had her greatest musical progress and accomplishments working with him. He works patiently with her and I really appreciate how he talks with her on her level during the lessons, coaching and inspiring her.

Cecile McLeod   June 8, 2016

A year ago, my daughter started her piano classes with Mrs Lilit Papoyan. All I can say is that she is very professional. My daughter's performance and knowledge for music & piano improved a lot.

Thank you Mrs Lilit

Taline Najarian   July 3, 2015

When Suren began teaching the saxophone to my son, I started to hear a difference in Michael’s playing immediately. Michael achieved his RCM VI with distinction through the help of Suren. He teaches each student in a way that benefits him or her most. Suren plays various instruments exceptionally and is able to teach them to his students. He taught my son saxophone for two years and helped him successfully get accepted into all three universities that he auditioned to. In addition, Suren also taught Michael to play the clarinet and he was able to play in an orchestra within one month! Suren is an outstanding teacher that has taught my son music in more ways than one and I would not choose anyone else for the job!

Pina Richardi 17 Oct 2014

Lilit is an excellent instructor and very good with children. Our daughter has progressed quickly on the piano and always looks forward to her lessons.

David Gershone 12 Jul 2014

During Grade 8 our daughter decided that she wanted to attend the Peel Regional Arts High School specializing in music. She had been playing saxophone for the previous couple of years and had several different instructors but it was obvious that she was going to need a more professional instructor to gain the proficiency required for this school. This is when we found Suren. He is terrific. He worked with her on a weekly basis and you could see her skills improve tremendously. She went for her audition and was readily accepted into the program.

Thank you Suren.

Richard Summers 28 May 2014

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