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About Keys & Pipes Music Studio

Our mission


Our focus is to help you achieve your best on your instrument, develop your musical abilities, and increase your appreciation of classical and popular music.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum, based on proven European and American teaching methods, which includes a variety of musical styles and music theory. The curriculum is tailored to fit each student’s unique learning needs, and musical preferences.

We use the Royal Conservatory of Music classical materials or we can build your training program based on your specific goals and interests. We know that students are more engaged in their learning, and achieve the best results, when they enjoy the pieces they play.

Our lessons provide you with one-on-one attention so that your progress is maximized, and you can develop at your own pace.

We give all of our students the opportunity to gain stage experience by hosting studio recitals, encouraging participation in music festivals, and taking RCM examinations. This performance experience builds self-confidence and stage presence, which we know is essential for overall development as well-rounded performers.

The Studio

The studio is owned and operated by internationally experienced teachers and professional performers Lilit Papoyan (Piano, Music theory) and Suren Amirkhanyan (Woodwind Instruments).

We are located at Yonge and Weldrick, in the heart of Richmond Hill - near various restaurants, grocery stores, and a shopping mall. So, if you want to spend some time in the area during your child's lessons, there are lots of options close by. Of course, parents are welcome to be present and observe the lessons in the studio -  it sometimes helps to organize and motivate students, especially at very young ages.

Unlike studios on commercial properties, our studio has no competing classes or businesses to distract from your lessons. You will appreciate being able to concentrate completely on the music without noise from a karate class or trombone lesson right next door!


The studio is professionally equipped with high quality music instruments, recording / play-back devices, and computer technology.

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